DISCLAIMER: All of the assessment measures within this website are for self-assessment purposes only. These forms do not assess your emergency needs; If you are experiencing a mental health emergency please go to the emergency room or call your health care provider. No licensed mental health provider will review your responses. If you wish to have a clinician review your responses please contact your mental health provider.

Want to receive a copy of your responses? CLICK HERE.

Welcome to the Universal Mental Health Screening Site! This webpage contains mental wellness questionnaires for adults and children to assist with their care.

By taking any of the questionnaires in this site, you and your mental health provider can work together to better understand yourself and/or your child’s mental health care needs. This site alone does not provide diagnosis or treatment recommendations but instead utilizes the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health 5th Edition’s Online Assessment Measures to aid in better understanding common symptoms of mental illness.

This site was initially created by researchers, physicians, and therapists at Community Behavioral Health for the benefit of their patients in rural and remote communities where access to formal neuro-psychological testing and coordinated care of university hospitals was limited. The survey responses on this site are now open universally for qualified mental health care clinicians to use to better help their patients. By answering any of the surveys on this site, you may view your results, download the results for your own edification, or share the results with your health care provider but please be aware that you are also consenting for researchers of the Universal Mental Health Screening Site to use your and/or your child’s anonymous responses to improve mental health care quality and research.

Any and all identifying information that you provide through these research forms will remain confidential, and all data collected will be destroyed accordingly as prescribed by the American Psychiatric Association in their guidelines for research.

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